Wild Prepares for NA3EHL Showcase

The Maine Wild will face off against NA3EHL western conference teams this weekend in Lockport, New York.

The Wild will kick off their weekend against the Roc City Royals on Friday, and face both the Lockport Express and Wilkes-Barre Miners on Saturday.

"We are 1-1 against all ofthem, because we only play them at showcases," said Maine Wild Head Coach Mike Tenney.

Tenney said it is tough to prepare for teams the Wild doesn't see as often, but does by focusing on the team's execution.

"We are focusing more on what we are doing, because when the teams see each other, they are totally different teams since the last time we played," he said. "We added some players and we dropped some players, and I'm sure (the other teams) did too, so the teams are totally different."

Tenney said the Wild will focus on their game plan and the coaching staff will need to adjust based on the games – and hopefully get some insight by watching the opposition play other teams at the showcase.

"But if you watch them one time, they might have a specific game plan, so it's really about the team execution of our own game plan and coaching adjsutments on the fly," he said.

But that doesn't mean Tenney doesn't have objectives for the Wild this weekend.

"I would like to see us have a little more puck possesion in the offensive zone," he said. "Last weekend against the Fighting Spirit, our defensive game came in well. We played well in our own zone but I don't want to give up 40 shots in a game. I don't want that to be regualr thing. I want to see us cause more turnovers, because most goals are from transition or right in front of the net, so cause transition and get into 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 situations."

If the goal scoring can come together and defense can stay locked down, Tenney said he feels confident going into the weekend. The Wild is getting desperate to collect points as they sit in third place in the East with 20 points.

"…More goals will cause more wins," he said.