Wild Looks to Regroup After One-Point Weekend

The Wild fell twice to the Stars last weekend after two hard-fought battles.

"On Friday, we got up to a 3-1 lead, we played well, we got pucked deep and to the net. We were able to build our lead and then we lost our way at the ten minute mark for about ten minutes and the Stars smelled blood in the water and capitalized," said Head Coach Mike Tenney. "I thought they did a good job regrouping after tragedy struck."

The Wild played an intense third period and forced overtime and eventually a shootout.

"Whenever it goes to a shootout, it is a coin flip," he said. "Saturday I thought the first two periods of the game was good, we were down after two periods but we were doing the right things."

But the Wild hit a wall, Tenney said.

"I thought the Stars played pretty well all weekend, they are tough, they can roll four lines and all four lines are really good. And they have solid defense, so they are a tough team to play against. If we see them in the playoffs, we will have our hands full."

Tenney said times like these can get frustrating for the Wild when they are doing "all the right things" but the games aren't going their way.