New England downs Maine, 6-1

Mitchell Fehd registered two points to lead New England to a 6-1 victory over Maine.

New England kept Maine\’s goalie busy throughout the game, and Brandon Daigle made 37 saves on 43 shots. New England had trouble converting on the power play advantage, managing just two goals on 10 chances.

New England additionally got points from John Krapian, who also had one goal and one assist and Brandon Hamner, who also grabbed one goal and one assist. Others who scored for New England included Tim Paige, Arya Saliany, and Derek Lovejoy, who each put in one. Other players who recorded assists for New England were Brendan Miller, who had two and Hunter McTague, Kyle Weiss, Aidan Conlon, and Ian Gately, who contributed one each.

Noel Fischer also scored for Maine. In addition, Maine received assists from Zach Gagne and Shayne Plummer, who each chipped in one.

New England\’s Dominic Lamanno stopped 21 shots out of the 22 that he faced. New England incurred 22 minutes in penalty time with six minors. Maine incurred 20 minutes in penalty time with 10 minors.