Season Post Mortem: A Year To Build Upon

The Maine Wild concluded their 2015-2016 season this weekend, finishing in last place in conference standings at 7-37-0.

Their concluding game, however, was a good way to go out for the season, said Head Coach Mike Tenney.

"I thought the guys played hard on Saturday, we played the guys who won the division and we only lost 4-2," he said. "We were in it. It was 3-0 before we scored, but it was typical of what happened this entire season. It was a bounce here or there, they scored on all of our mistakes. We gave up early goals and made too many critical mistakes at bad times."  

Although that was the story thats the story of the Wild's season, Tenney said the team was actually more competitive than a last place team.

"We never put together a consistent effort, even when we won, we still had hiccups," he said. "There wasn't that staple game where we thought, that's how we play, because we put it together in spurts but we never really put it together for long enough to get any kind of momentum going at all."

Depth posed a problem, as well as the lack of consistency on the bench.

"There were times didn't have enough players consistently, we had 18 players, and then 15 players, and 12, and then 18 again, it's hard to get a rhythm when you have a different line up all the time," he said.

Saturday was a solid effort for the Wild, Tenney said.

"We have four guys aging out, all played well, everyone was excited for them and sad for them at the same time," he said. "It was a good way to go out even in a losing effort."

Next season, Tenney is looking to implement some new components to the program to make players even more attractive to college coaches. Those components include classes and community service. 

"It looks better on their resumes, to have a more well-rounded approach, so that is coming for next season," he said